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Please use our online signup form to have your farm or business listed as a Buy Fresh Buy Local participant. It will take about 10 minutes to complete the form and submit your profile for approval. You must be located in a county covered by a Virginia Buy Fresh Buy Local chapter

Before you sign upcheck to see that you don't already have a listing! If you already have a Buy Fresh Buy Local listing, you need to log in to edit your existing listing (creating a new one will likely cause problems).

*please note, businesses in the Cville Area, Loudoun or Northern Piedmont chapters need to sign up by March 5 to be listed in the annual print guide. 

Please start by selecting a listing type, using these guidelines:

  • Farms/Producers:  Includes Apiaries, CSAs, Farm Stands, U-Pick, Orchards
  • Farmers' Markets:  Select this option if you operate a new or existing market
  • Retailers:  Includes Butchers, Co-ops, Grocers
  • Restaurants:  Includes Bakeries, Caterers
  • Specialty Beverages:  Includes Breweries, Cideries, Distilleries, Wineries/Vineyards
  • Value-Added Producers:  Select this option if you source local ingredients to create local food products for sale (i.e. fermented foods, kombucha, jams, salsas, granola, herbal products)

Why all the questions?

Buy Fresh Buy Local is a program that connects farmers and food producers with consumers who want to source farm and food products locally.

Consumers rely on Buy Fresh Buy Local to identify farms and food businesses that are part of their local economy and landscape. This increasingly discerning market is asking for more information and clarification on product sourcing, growing methods, and our definitions of ‘local’.

We do not have a rigid definition of local; however, it is important to communicate with consumers clearly and accurately about where local products are grown, processed and sold. The information provided by Buy Fresh Buy Local is integral to the marketing of local farm or food businesses and the overall strength of our local food economy!  

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